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Sow 'n Sow Gift of Seeds

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Sow ‘n Sow’s Gifts of Seeds cleverly combine a gift card with a packet of seeds to form a sweet, eco-friendly gift that grows.

Featuring original, nostalgic illustrations by Melbourne artist Daniella Germain, this product is designed and made in Australia and printed on 100% post consumer waste recycled card. They include a packet of seeds, a tear-away biodegradable plant label and sowing instructions. The seeds enclosed are non-hybrid, open pollinated and non GMO varieties, packaged in a recycled envelope.

A beautiful gift for children, green-thumbs and novice gardeners alike, our products are designed to promote a connection with nature and enjoy simple pleasures.

• Greeting card and gift combined
• Recycled envelope, seeds, plant label and sowing instructions included
• Great gift for posting (requires two postage stamps)
• Australian made and designed
• Plastic free
• 100% recycled and recyclable

Culinary Flowers: Flowers so beautiful you could eat them? Go ahead with the new Culinary Flowers Gift of Seeds.  Included in the ‘Edibles’ Gift of Seeds range, this will make the perfect gift that is both stunning and useful. This pack contains a mix of nasturtium, viola, and cornflower seeds. After watching your flowers bloom, use them in salads and to adorn sweet treats and other culinary creations. Plant this gorgeous variety in full sun in spring and summer. Bury seeds as deep as the height of the seed, and keep soil moist. Seed varieties: Tropaeolum majus, viola cornuta and centaurea cyanus. Click here for more information on nasturtium, viola, and cornflower seeds.

Forget-Me-Nots: A gorgeous, eco-friendly gift that grows. forget-me-not’s are sweet, tiny blue cottage garden flowers which hold sentimental feelings for many. Easy to grow, these seeds can be sown in part shade and are equally as happy in pots or in the garden. Sow in summer and autumn at a depth of 3mm. Flowers will bloom in late winter and early spring. Seed variety: Myosotis. Click here for more information on forget-me-nots.

Happy Birthday: Dream up a birthday spent in a beautiful garden, on a picnic rug, surrounded by flowers with cakes and friends.  Our Happy Birthday Picnic Gift of Seeds evokes exactly that. Containing a bright mix of snapdragon, cosmos and cornflower seeds, the lucky recipient can grow their own birthday delight. Each seed in this trio is quick and easy to grow, providing endless pops of colour to both gardens as well as pot and containers. Seed varieties: Snapdragon Antirrhium, Cornflower Centaurea Cyanus, Cosmos C.bipinnatus. Click here for more information on snapdragon, cosmos and cornflower seeds.

Poppies: If you’ve ever stumbled upon a bed of poppies in flower you will know how enchanting they are. Their bright pink & red delicate petals and serated green leaves appear as if out of a fairytale. Seed variety: Shirley, Papaver rhoeas. Click here for more information on poppy seeds.

Sunflowers: Sunflowers are well known and cheerful and they are very quick and easy to grow. Sow in spring and summer in full sun at a depth of 10mm. Watch your sunflowers bloom and provide a pop of colour for your garden. Sunflowers are also perfect for companion planting in your vegetable gardens! Seed variety: Sunbird, Helianthus annuus. Click here for more information on growing sunflowers.

Sweet Peas: Perfect for your own sweet pea, these beautiful, fragrant and colourful flowers are easy to grow and will put a smile on anyone’s face. Sweet peas are a climbing vine which require a trellis to attach to. They can also be grown in a hanging basket with the trailing vines cascading down. Sow at a depth of 20mm in summer and autumn in a bright sunny position. Seed variety: Lathyrus odoratus. Click here for more information on sweet pea seeds.

Trio of Herbs: Sow ‘n Sow’s Trio of Herbs Gift of Seeds is a delightful mix of parsley, coriander, and basil—an ideal present for the aspiring kitchen gardener. Experience the joy of nurturing these easy-to-grow herbs, making it both a charming greeting card and a delightful gift for your loved ones. Plant the seeds in spring or summer, simply scatter them, cover with a thin layer of soil in a sunny spot, and maintain moisture until germination occurs. Varieties: Basil: Genovese, Ocimum basilicum, Parsley: Italian, Petroselinium hortense, Coriander: Coriandum sativum. Click here for more information on parsley, coriander and basil seeds.

Wildflowers: A promise of blooming beauty and the joy of cultivating your very own wildflower garden. Inside you’ll find a packet of mixed California poppy, alyssum and cosmos seed ready to be sown and nurtured into a colourful wildflower garden. Seed varieties: Eschscholzia californica, Cosmos bipinnatus and Lobularia maritima. Click here for more information on Californian poppy, cosmos and alyssum seeds.

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