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Welcome to Warrnambool Breastfeeding Centre

We are a not-for-profit community organisation and Registered Health Promotion Charity set up to support families in Warrnambool and South Western Victoria. The Centre is run by a Committee of Management and we welcome donations.

At Warrnambool Breastfeeding Centre we offer many services including lactation support, breast pump hire, as well as friendly advice and conversation.

Please do visit our lounge when you’re out and about.  You’ll find a warm, safe and friendly environment to feed your baby.

Find out more about our Online store, Lactation Consultant Drop In day and Breast Pump Hire   We look forward to seeing you soon…



Donate directly or donate without even trying! Warrnambool Breastfeeding Centre relies on donations to provide our services to our community. One way you can help us is to install 'Easy Fundraiser' on your PC. Then you simply browse the web as normal and whenever you visit a partner retailer 'Easy Fundraiser' will appear at the top of your screen.  Click the 'Yes, Activate Donation' button and the retailer will make a donation to us.  All of this at absolutely no cost to you! Keen to get started? Click the button below...

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