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Breast Pump Hire

The Warrnambool Breastfeeding Centre stocks a range of Spectra and Medela breast pumps.

Your choice of pump (or whether you need one at all) will depend on your circumstances.  Our trained staff are able to help you work out which pump would be best in your situation.


Breast Pump Hire

We hire out the Spectra S2 Plus and the Medela Symphony breast pumps. Both of the available pump types are hospital grade, electric breast pumps which have adjustable settings and can be used as either single or double pumps. 

Hire includes support with a breastfeeding counselor or lactation consultant if needed.

Ask us about our Hire-to-Buy options today!


Breast Pump Hire Costs

$25 per week
$80 per month

Note: The above prices are not including the pump tubing kits. These are sold separately.