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Silverette® Nursing Cups

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For Mothers


Silverette® protects nursing nipples using silver.

Made from 925 silver with silver proven to have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antibacterial benefits to prevent and repair the nipple skin at all stages of the breastfeeding or pumping journey.

Easy to use. The cups are designed to sit comfortably on the breasts. Worn in between feeds, the cups will naturally prevent, protect and alleviate soreness, blisters and irritation from the result of breastfeeding or pumping.

A perfect choice for mothers who want an effective and natural way to prevent soreness from breastfeeding or pumping and a perfect gift for mums to be who plan to.

How do Silverette® nursing cups work? 

Sore and cracked nipples are very common. These usually occur within 24 hours when a mother starts her breastfeeding journey. Silverette® made from 925, the cups designed for mothers to provide relief sore, cracked and painful nipples.  

With it's patented design the 925 silver in contact with the nipple area that is experiencing wear and tear will create the environment to help protect, soothe and heal. 

To get maximum benefit from the product it is recommend mothers use it for preventative measures and to work on the positioning of their latch to. To use, simply place the Silverette® cups over the nipple and use the nursing bra to hold it in place. There is no required padding needed. 

As always, we recommend professional advice if pain or latching issues persist.

What makes Silverette® nursing cups so effective?

Silver is known to have anti-inflammatory benefits that can provide relief from skin experiencing inflammation, soreness or swelling. This is great for mothers whom experience cracks and soreness usually from the result of incorrect latch positioning between mum and baby.

Silver is known to have properties that help prevent the growth and spread of bacteria. Silverette ® has been a great time saver for mothers to help them heal in between feeds without the worry of sterilisation.

A thrush infection is quite common and can happen if your nipples are sore or cracked. Silver has anti-fungal benefits can prevent fungal growth. You can use Silverette® simultaneously with prescribed treatment by medical professional that supports the recovery of nipple thrush.

Silver is known to have natural antimicrobial benefits that can help minimise the presence of bacteria, mould, and fungi. Using Silverette® may offer a greater level of protection by continuously inhibiting the growth of microbes on surfaces for very long periods of time.


Size Regular is recommended for breast cup sizes C or smaller, areolas less than/equal to 4.5cm in diameter.

Size XL is recommended for breast cup sizes D+, areolas over 4.5cm in diameter.

O-Feel Silicone Rings

  • Reduce mum’s discomfort when experiencing engorged breast and sensitive areolas while wearing Silverette® cups
  • O-Feel only comes in one size so will fit both regular and XL Silverette® cups

Made entirely from hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone, the O-Feel™ ring is designed to work in conjunction with Silverette® cups to provide an extra layer of protection for the most engorged sensitive breast.

The O-Feel™ ring’s mission is to keep up with your body’s movements, without discomfort or disruption to your lifestyle.

Cleaning is easy, soap and water will do the trick. Although not necessary, you can also sterilize them with steam, gamma rays or ethylene oxide.


Silverette® is the only silver nursing cups that can be reused indefinitely. With no used by dates like creams, mothers can use multiple times as they grow their family.

Silverette® is the perfect combination of lightness and effectiveness. One cup only weighs 3 grams.

Silverette® is the original silver nursing cups, made from natural 925 silver and hand crafted by fully licensed silversmiths in Northern italy.

Silverette® was clinically tested at the University Hospital of Padua for 2 years before it was made available to mothers


Silverette® is the best-selling product of it's kind worldwide. Now available in over 28 countries.


The original design has been formulated by neonatologists, midwives and paediatricians to fit the anatomical shape of the areola area

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