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Pregnancy & C-Section 3-in-1 Belly Band

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The Original 3-in-1 Belly Band has been created by mothers for mothers and is a first in maternity compression garments to grow and shrink with your changing body. The versatile design is an affordable choice with the one garment performing the role of three different maternity bands; pregnancy support belt, postpartum wrap, and c-section recovery binder. Belly Bands are TGA and FDA approved medical devices, used to treat pelvic girdle (SPD), lower back pain, Diastasis recti, and c-section recovery. The band is a modern-day version of an age-old tradition of supporting a woman's body during and after pregnancy. A concept used by mums-to-be for centuries and is still very common in many cultures today.

1. Pregnancy Support: can reduce pelvic and lower back pain and help keep diastasis as small as possible as your tummy grows. (Ideal when carrying twins.)

2. C-section Recovery: medical studies have shown that binding the tummy post-op, can significantly reduce pain, keep the wound stable and make walking easier.

3. Heal Postpartum: by supporting the abdominal wall, internal organs, pelvis, and spine after childbirth. Treat diastasis (abdominal muscle separation). Binding straight after birth is known to assist the speed at which the post-baby tummy trims down.

Take with you to the hospital as most women start wearing in the first 48hrs after birth and surgery

Recommended by Physiotherapists, Loved by Mums

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