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Medela Supplemental Nursing Sytem SNS 150ml (New Model)

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The Supplemental Nursing System (SNS) is a nursing device specifically designed to help mothers and parents to breastfeed / chestfeed by supplying milk to the baby whilst they are being fed at the breast/chest.

Note: the previous SNS (product code 009.0005) is no longer available. For the previous SNS spare parts, please go to

The Supplemental Nursing System (SNS) is a lactation aid that consists of a container filled with supplementary milk that is clipped securely to a bra strap, shirt, or pillow. Whilst the baby is latched at the breast/chest, a thin, flexible tube is placed alongside the nipple into the baby's mouth and a controlled and consistent flow of milk is released as they feed.

By increasing the opportunity to feed at the breast/chest, the Supplemental Nursing System (SNS)

  • facilitates bonding and skin-to-skin contact promotes milk supply by stimulating the breast through sustained sucking
  • supports non-lactating, adoptive, surrogate, same-sex, transgender, and non-binary parents to create a breastfeeding/chestfeeding experience
  • supports the baby’s oral development of sucking skills to create vacuum
  • provides milk supplementation without the use of bottles and teats

At a glance:

Advanced system 

• Anti-leak TwistLok Lid prevents leakage and milk loss

• Advanced venting system ensures consistent milk flow and comfortable feeding

• Silicone tubing with soft, rounded edges - gentle on baby's mouth

Easy to use

• Versatile container and lid, ideal for milk preparation, storage, transport and feeding

• Clip securely fastens device to nursing bra, shirt or pillow

• Simple 'on / off' flow control

Easy to clean

• Specialty cleaning aid to help effectively clean the tube over repeated daily use


Swiss Design

What's included

1x TwistLok Lid

1x 150ml Container & Lid

1x Clamp

1x TwistLok Tube

1x Clip

1x Ring 

1x Cleaning Aid

1x Instructions for use

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