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Heart2myheart Birth Blankie

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As this warm, soft Heart2myheart Birth Blankie is laid over mother and baby,
​skin to skin time of heart-to-heart nurtures and protects them in a sacred space. Allowing time to get to know each other, both responding to each other in their own time without interruption.

What is a Birth Blankie? 

  • Prepare for initial skin to skin time with your new arrival.
  • Promote optimal bonding and breastfeeding outcomes. 
  • Great gift idea for baby showers or welcoming your new grandchild. 
  • Unique keepsake to treasure

Heart2myheart Birth Blankie is more than just a blanket. Placed over mother and baby at birth, it creates a warm, soft, protective space for that intimate time of baby’s arrival. Uninterrupted and prolonged skin to skin contact for a newborn, benefits both mother and baby by increasing breastfeeding success and confidence.

​It also reduces stress for both you and your baby, stabilising baby’s temperature, blood sugars, encouraging baby to touch your skin for the first time, hear your familiar voice and feel your life-giving heartbeat. The Birth Blankie can also be helpful in the intensive care unit or nursery and during times of separation to give comfort and reassurance.

Is it just for the birth?

A Heart2myheart Birth Blankie can enter into your baby's life at any stage.
As baby grows, the uses of the blanket continues with them. It can be used as a wrap or cover for baby’s bassinet or a familiar comfort for a teething toddler. The scent of mother’s skin and memory of cuddles is a precious keepsake of the bonding time you share with your baby. ​

Support Australian Made..

Made from soft breathable, warm fabric for your baby’s skin the Heart2myheart Birth Blankie is sourced from ethically produced 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. Manufactured in Australia by family run contacts, designed by midwife and lactation consultant Julie Germain.

Meet the Designer: Julie Germain

“I have developed the Heart2myheart Birth Blankie after many years of witnessing this baby’s heart to mother’s heart time lost through the hospital system’s pressure to perform procedures, weigh, examine, bath, wrap or separate baby from mother. There is strong evidence in research to confirm immediate, uninterrupted and prolonged skin to skin benefits both mother and baby, increasing breastfeeding success and confidence.”
-Julie Germain IBCLC RN RM

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