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Breastfeeding Affirmation Cards

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Are you searching for that perfect baby shower or new baby visit gift? Looking for something that can be truly helpful for a mum starting out on a breastfeeding journey? 

We know that having the right mindset can be a huge asset in establishing breastfeeding. It can help us to overcome problems, seek out better support, and follow our instincts even when we’re told to stop listening to them.

The Breastfeeding Affirmations card set was developed to assist mums in those early weeks of breastfeeding. One side of the card features an affirmation related to motherhood or breastfeeding, including phrases like:

I am enough, I have enough
I am a wonderful mother
I cherish every moment with my baby, they will never be this small again
My baby and I enjoy learning to breastfeed, our journey is unique
I trust my body to nourish my baby

The other side of each card includes a short, easily remembered fact about breastfeeding. Some examples:

Cluster feeding in the evening and during growth spurts is normal, it does not mean that your supply is low.
Your breastmilk is a living fluid, uniquely matched to your baby, and constantly changing to meet your baby’s needs as he grows.
Where direct breastfeeding is not possible, the World Health Organisation recommend the following in order of preference: mother’s expressed milk, donor breastmilk, artificial infant formula.
Breastmilk has just the right amount of protein, fats, salts, sugars and other nutrients. Your diet does not significantly change your milk content, and a normal diet is suitable for breastfeeding.

These bite-sized bits of factual information can help allay any misinformation from well-meaning family members, friends or medical professionals. They’re also easy to remember when mum has had very little sleep, and doesn’t have the time (or the memory!) to read the breastfeeding books..

Give the gift of a strong mindset, with this mini-pack of 5 cards. Packaged in a blue organza drawstring bag, the cards are A7 size 420gsm artboard. Please note: the mini-packs rotate throughout the full range of 24 cards available, therefore the affirmations and facts listed above may not be the ones you receive.

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