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Pereneal Tear/Wound Care Ice and Heat Pack

Pereneal Tear/Wound Care Ice and Heat Pack

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Re-useable Hot & Cold Pack

Hot and cold therapy is a natural, safe, and recommend treatment for many ailments.

In the hospital, you will be given Ice to soothe pain and reduce swelling around the perineum after vaginal birth or attempted vaginal birth. And for the healing of surgical wounds.

Belly Bands gel pads are reusable and can be frozen or heated. With a convenient design that can be popped into underwear for pain relief after vaginal childbirth. Or placed over any surgical sites such as Caesarean section

Most women would agree, Hot and Cold pads are a welcome maternity essential must-have. And why we have included them in our Heal Better range.

â š Hot and Cold Pads Suitable for :
  • Postpartum tearing
  • Episiotomy
  • Cesarean or other surgical wounds
  • Hemorrhoids and more.

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