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Olli Ella Holdie Fairytale Folk

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Bubble bubble, no toil or trouble, meet Wanda The Witch and Wulfric the Wizard! Wanda is not only the nicest witch you'll ever meet, but she is also Holdie™ Worlds magical mage. You might spot her at her cauldron or flying off on her broom to cast a helpful spell! Wulfric is Holdie™ World's warlock extraordinaire. There's no spell he can't conjure and no ailment he can't heal with his magical wizardry! 

Like all Holdie™ Folk, Wanda & Wulfric are fully poseable; they wear robes and pointy hats.

Made by hand, Holdie folk are the perfect size pals to pop in a pocket or the palm of a hand. Just add a sprinkle of Imagination to bring your Holdie™ friends to life!

Holdie Folk are collectible and arrive packaged in a beautifully printed cardboard box. Ideal to give as a gift or for small folk to display and re-use at home!

Every Witch & Wizard needs a castle turret to fly from and our Rattan Castle Bag is great for play and doubles as Holdie™ storage too!

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