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Kaper Kidz Rainbow Playground Ball

  • $700
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Introducing the Rainbow Colour Sensory Ball from Kaper Kidz, a captivating and stimulating toy that engages the senses and sparks imagination. This unique ball features a rainbow of vibrant colours, creating a visually mesmerizing experience for children. The spiky texture provides tactile stimulation, promoting sensory exploration and fine motor skills development.

Crafted with durable materials, this sensory ball is built to withstand active play and offer long-lasting enjoyment. Whether squeezing, bouncing, or rolling, the Rainbow Colour Spiky Sensory Ball provides a satisfying tactile and visual experience that encourages play, creativity, and relaxation. Watch as your child explores a world of sensory delight with this inflatable and textured sensory ball.

When fully inflated this ball measures approximately 23cm diameter.

Suitable for ages 12m+

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