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Kaper Kidz Dressing Bear

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Introducing the Dressing Up Bear from Kaper Kidz, a timeless wooden puzzle that sparks creativity and emotional exploration in preschoolers. 

With 18 interchangeable puzzle pieces, your child can create an impressive 216 unique combinations, dressing the bear for different seasons and occasions. This fosters creativity and fine motor skills as they engage in mix-and-match play.

But the Dressing Up Bear doesn't stop at fashion choices. It features six distinct facial expressions, allowing children to learn and discuss a wide range of emotions. By exploring various expressions on the bear's face, children develop emotional intelligence, empathy, and social skills. They can have meaningful conversations about feelings, recognize emotions in themselves and others, and learn to express and manage emotions effectively.

Designed for children aged 18 months and up, the Dressing Up Bear offers a safe and engaging way to introduce emotional awareness and self-expression. As children dress up the boy bear and experiment with different emotions, they enhance their cognitive, language, and social development.

The wooden display box with a recessed top adds convenience, providing a dedicated space for play and effortless storage. This not only keeps the puzzle organized but also encourages independent play and self-directed learning.

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