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Spectra Wide Neck Breastshield Set

Spectra Wide Neck Breastshield Set

  • $2995
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Wide Neck breastshield set containing 1 piece each of breastshield, backflow protector, valve and tubing.

For use with the Spectra S1+, Spectra S2+, Spectra 9+ and Spectra M1.

PLEASE NOTE: This kit does not contain any bottle. If you don't already have a spectra bottle, you'll need one of these kits instead. If you require a breastshield size other than M/24mm and don't have any parts already, it's most cost-effective to buy this set in your size & then the bottles separately.

If unsure about which size or which parts you need, please contact our Customer Service Team. We're here to help!

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