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Say it right!  Clinical Scripts when working with new families: the Pocket Cards

Say it right! Clinical Scripts when working with new families: the Pocket Cards

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Say It Right! Clinical Scripts when Working with New Families – The Pocket Cards!

Much is known about what women want and need from those who care for them. Women tell us that the words we choose, as well as our presentation style, have a profound impact. Women desire clear, consistent, continuing communication with their caregivers, particularly regarding what to expect or what will happen next. New mothers ask us to remember that this is a vulnerable and emotionally charged period in their lives.

As a professional who works with pregnant and postpartum women, you are in a position to significantly influence their breastfeeding and parenting experience. Your confidence in the mother’s ability to meet the challenges of early parenting and your awe of the baby transfers to her when you model a caring, responsive and concerned attitude.

The following”one-liners”, scripts or concepts are intended to be used as a tool when you are working with new families. The scripts have been organized by specific situations under each of the “Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding”. There is repetition, as many of these one-liners will apply to several different situations. You will have your own favorites to add to this list as well! Throughout, the infant is referred to as "he" to distinguish him from the mother.

These scripts can only be effective while implementing the basic concepts of effective communication. These concepts may seem obvious, but often in the busy workday, practitioners forget what a difference they can make. All interactions need to be based on knowledge and need to be conveyed with sincerity.

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