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Olli Ella Holdie Folk Farmer

Olli Ella Holdie Folk Farmer

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Say hello to new Holdie Folk Farmers!

Poppy is a gardener extraordinaire and grows the biggest vegetables in all of Holdie World! She carries her basket everywhere, ready to pick fruit and vegetables for her Holdie Folk friends.

Forest is happiest when he is caring for the animals of Holdie World. He is honest and hardworking, and a friend to Holdie Folk and animals alike! Sometimes you will find him taking a nap in the hay loft with his hat pulled low.

Handmade, fully posable and measuring 11cm tall, Poppy & Forest are the perfect size to fit in the palm of a small hand or keep close-by in a pocket.

Farmers Poppy and Forest are special edition, rare and collectible - they come beautifully packed in a new collectable box. Perfect to give as a gift or for small folk to display at home.

Each Holdie Folk are fully posable and made from cotton and wool with polyester filling

Forest comes dressed in removable cotton overalls with hand stitch detail and cotton underwear. He wears a removable cotton fabric straw hat

Poppy comes dressed in removable custom print cotton dress and cotton underwear. She carries a removable cotton fabric straw basket

Holdie Folk are all handmade, so some variation will occur

Age recommendation: 3+

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