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My Darling Valentine Pull-Along Hobby Horse

My Darling Valentine Pull-Along Hobby Horse

  • $19500
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Gallop and prance in play with the giddy up horse. With a fresh take on a classic toy and bringing old school fun to play, this hobby horse will have your child trotting around the house or yard in joy. Perfect for children 3 years and older, they will adore this horse and wait to name and play with their new friend 

The stick head and body, made from rattan has our favourite Gigi wheels on the end for an easy ride, with handles at the neck to help your children to hold on. *Handles are removable. The lightweight rattan design ensures your children can hold and carry the hobby horse themselves, while the sturdy rattan construction ensures if it is knocked, it will be ready to get right back up again into the sunset. 

Helping children use their imaginations in creative play, this is the ultimate kid’s birthday gift any parent will adore for their child. Giddy up and play with the adorable hobby horse. 

  • 100cm H
  • Rattan, wood, plastic Gigi wheels with caps
  • Our rattan is highly sourced and is of excellent quality and craftsmanship
  • AGE: 3-5 YEARS

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