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Miniland Knitted Doll Sweater & Trousers 21cm

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Made in Spain, these eco outfits are made from pre-and post-consumer textile waste and help prevent further landfill and incineration. Low-impact blends are used mixing undyed recycled cotton fibre with other support fibres to create new materials. The dying process creates beautiful unique colours without using water or chemicals. All partner factories are certified by independent bodies to support claims.

In addition to following the latest fashions and designs, these clothes foster manipulative skills and help toddlers become familiar with different types of fastening methods such as buttons.

Miniland Educational Doll clothing fosters manipulative skills and help toddlers become familiar with different types of zippers and buttons, whilst using their imagination and pretend play skills.

Miniland doll accessories feature a wide range of details and are of the highest quality.

Suitable for a 21cm doll.

Age: 3+

About Miniland Educational Dolls

With their doll collection, Miniland strive to help little ones understand the values of inclusivity and coexistence through play, by promoting empathy and accepting people of any race, gender or condition.

Their anatomically correct dolls are the perfect toy to learn SEL (Social Emotional Learning), to enhance social abilities and creativity by free playing in the classroom or even at home.

Every single Miniland doll is handmade in Europe. They are made of soft vinyl and they meet all the European an American safety standards and regulations.

This listing is for the doll outfit only. Doll not included.

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