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Iconic Toys - Stacking burger

Iconic Toys - Stacking burger

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  • The humble burgers is an icon found all around the world. THIS is how Australians do a Aussie Burger with The LOT!

    WARNING! there are strong opinions on how these get stacked. We designed this so you can choose your favourite!

    Burger Bun - a soft pillowy and distinctly sweet bun with sesame seeds. It should be able to withstand juices and burger sauces. Lettuce - fresh and crisp! A slice of ice berg lettuce adds a bit of crunch. Onion - raw or slowly cooked to golden brown. These are a must! Pineapple - a slice of pineapple is the quintessential signal that you are actually eating an True Blue Aussie Burger. Sometimes briefly grilled. Sauce - BBQ style with a hint of smoky flavour but definitely dark in colour a contrast nicely to the sweetness from the beetroot and pineapple. Beetroot - Typically Australian. Why? Because it gives it a sweet flavour and best added last to avoid sogginess. Bacon - salty, sweet, delicious. Tomato - some people like them, some don't. You choose. Egg - the fried egg is another symbol of an Australian burger with The Lot. The yolk must be soft and oozing. Cheese - we like cheddar, melted for best effect and optimal taste. Single or thick sliced. Beef - the foundation of any good burger. Cooked medium with a bit of char on the outside.


    Ages 3 years +

    Complete with 11 wooden stacking pieces and 4 flags to slot on the top

    22cm (L) x 9.5cm (W)

    Designed to comply with Australian toy standards with non-toxic paint

    Comes packaged in a beautiful cardboard box

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