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Iconic Emoji Puzzle

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Simple emoji's have been around us for awhile (remember the happy face in the 80's?). And with the rise of smartphones they have really been brought more into the mainstream. Ever wondered what a certain emoji actually means? Ever used the wrong emoji when texting your mate? These little faces might be second nature to the millennial or i-generation but for some of us it doesn't come that easy. Learn the emoji's with your two year old instead of the times table and let them teach you something for a change. What each character means is often subject to debate and might be an area of conversation in your family. This puzzle also is great for speaking about emotions - and isn't it better that you are all talking and playing rather than using your phones?


Ages 2+

Sturdy wooden construction

30cm (L) x 21cm (W)

Complete with 20 different emoji faces definitions

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