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Djeco Snakes & Ladders

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This charming Djeco Snakes & Ladders board game is your classic snakes and ladders game - with a polar themed twist!

Players aim to get their penguin safely to the igloo at the end of the board by rolling a dice and moving that number of squares. But Beware! If you land on a square with a polar bear you must then follow his net all the way back to the square it touches. On the upside, if you land on a square with a ladder, you can waddle your pudgy little penguin up the ladder to the square it touches. The first player to get their penguin to the Igloo at the end wins the game.

Players: 2-4 Players
Suitable for ages 5-10 Years
Time: 20 Minutes
Dimensions: 3cm L x 16cm H x 42cm W

Djeco specialises in toddler toys, puzzles, games and fabulous art and craft kits. Well-designed construction toys are a hallmark of Djeco's toy offering. They cleverly encourage kids to use their imagination freely, indulging in their own ideas and creativity.

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