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Bibs Dummies Size 2 2pk

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We have sourced our favourite colours to suit gender neutral, baby boys and baby girls. We stock Size 2 which is suitable for 6-18 months. (Note: Manufacturer has said that Size 2 are suitable for earlier than 6 months and that Size 1 are primarily for small/premmie babies)

Buy Bibs Dummies Size 2

A pacifier is one of the most important things that you should have on hand as a new mom and BIBS Pacifiers are the top of our list. We’ve found that babies that don’t naturally take to dummies are more likely to take to BIBS range, as their shape naturally mimics the shape of the nipple—making it easier and more satisfying for little ones to latch onto.

The BIBS range of dummies is undoubtedly one of our bestsellers and with the affordability and quality of these soothers, that doesn’t come as much of a surprise. 

What are BIBS Size 2 Dummies?

BIBS is a Danish brand that has been a favourite of moms and tots since the 80s. Their products are carefully designed and manufactured with babies of all ages in mind. Their headquarters are in Hillerød, North of Copenhagen in Denmark. We love that their high-quality pacifiers are affordable too, which offers excellent value for money.

BIBS dummies are 100% BPA, PVC & Phthalates free and have a 100% natural rubber teat, which means they are completely safe for your little one. BIBS dummies have a range of different aspects that make them our favourite choice of pacifier.


No one dummy fits all and BIBS have taken years to develop the best fit dummies for kids of different ages. This BIBS dummy size 2 is perfect for six to eighteen months. We stock a range of sizes so that you can upgrade to a larger size as your baby grows.

Colour choices

We currently offer six different colours: vanilla, sage, baby blue, mustard, peach & smoke. If you order your dummies online, we'll be in touch to see which colours you'd like. 

Vented teat

BIBS dummies come with a vented teat. These tiny holes in the teat allow air to escape when your baby suckles, and this helps it to stay soft and maleable. This means that your baby’s mouth doesn’t change shape to suit the teat, but rather it will adjust to suit your baby’s mouth and the way that they suckle.

Due to the "vent" opening, water can sometimes enter the teat when the soother is boiled or sterilised, if this happens let the dummy cool down and then simply press out the remaining water using your finger and thumb, with the ring facing downwards.


When you receive your dummy, like any other dummy it will need to be sterilised before use. Please do not put dummies in sterilisers of any kind (as it can make the plastic bubble). Place dummy in a cup of boiling water for 5 minutes, then let it air dry. 

Please read the care instructions carefully on the inside of your box. Dummies should be replaced every 4-6 weeks. Natural Rubber swells when it's sucked therefore keeping them longer than the recommended time period will cause excessive swelling which leads to making it difficult for bub to take a new dummy (which hasn't swelled yet). In some cases the teats can split due to excessive expansion. 


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