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DVD - Babies Know

DVD - Babies Know

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Babies know when they are hungry or thirsty, where the milk comes from and how to breastfeed.

These are some of the key messages included in the DVD Babies Know…

For some parents, breastfeeding can be overwhelming and seemingly too difficult. Most issues, however, can be overcome simply by parents following their instincts and their baby’s instincts.

Produced by Midwives and Lactation Consultants at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, with input from real mums and dads and the backing of Queensland Health, this DVD aims to empower women and show families that breastfeeding is both normal and extraordinary.

The aim of this DVD is to provide breastfeeding information, incorporating the principles of the World Health Organisation/UNICEF Baby Friendly Health Initiative. It is designed for viewing by both parents and healthcare professionals within antenatal, postnatal, community and paediatric care settings.

Topics covered on the DVD include:

• Babies are born with the skills to breastfeed

• Keeping mothers and babies together

• Recognising and responding to feeding cues

• Hand expressing

• Protective effects of breastfeeding for mother and baby

• How breastfeeding works

• Breastfeeding in special circumstances – returning to work, premature babies, feeding challenges

• Importance of accurate information and support for new parents

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