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All Tied Up!

All Tied Up!

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All Tied Up! How To Keep On Boobin Through a Tongue Tie

By Meg Nagle "The Milk Meg"

Meg Nagle, one of Australia s most respected lactation consultants, has written an informative and easy to understand book for parents, carers and health professionals from the point of view of her beloved profession. Her book is based on evidence and her extensive experience over many years.
-Dr. Jeff Kestenberg, Dentist.

How to untangle your way through breastfeeding and tongue ties.

In this book Meg covers:

  • The symptoms of ties.
  • Breastfeeding pain and different possible causes.
  • How to get the deepest latch.
  • Different breastfeeding positions and how to best help your baby breastfeed when it s hard work for them!
  • Suck training exercises.
  • Why, the latch looks great actually means nothing!
  • Mastitis and ties what s the link?
  • Should I get the tongue tie procedure done?
  • Is it true that tongue tie procedures are just a fad ?
  • and more!

The topic of ties can be confusing for parents and healthcare professionals alike. This book helps to untangle this confusion and answers all of your tie-related questions, written specifically for breastfeeding parents from International Board Certified Lactation Consultant Meg Nagle.

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